Cairo, Egypt Travel Guide

Cairo, Egypt Travel Guide

Cairo.. the biggest metropolis on the African continent and residential to the final remaining historic marvel of the world. So many individuals dream of standing within the shadow of the Great Pyramid, however the concern of unfamiliarity in a turbulent Middle East depart many vacationers asking the identical query.. is it secure? My identify is Ricky Moreno and I’m gonna present you the most well-liked vacationer sights within the metropolis, and all of the explanation why I really like Cairo!

0:55 – Airport Arrival
1:33 – Tahrir Square
2:31 – The Pyramids
4:54 – Riding A Camel At The Pyramids
6:33 – The Citadel
8:29 – Al Azhar Park
9:12 – Call To Prayer
10:18 – The Egyptian Museum
11:53 – MUMMIES
12:35 – Entering A Tomb In Saqqara
15:21 – Nile River Cruise
17:26 – Khan Al-Khalili Market
19:11 – Ramadan

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